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Service: Art Direction

What’s the deal: Online editorial about optical delusions

photography. Petros Kouiouris

art direction. Altorrin @ The Wall Group + Odie Shensh

fashion. Altorrin @ The Wall Group

models. Nym Blue @ Unite Unite + Sarah Mccall @ State Management

make up. Ricardo Delgado @ Distinct Artists

hair. Chika Nishiyama @ 87artists

nails. Stephanie Hernandez @ Clawed By Lacreme

set design. Adrienne Egolum

photography assistant. Leiber Alvarez

fashion assistant. Luciano Sandoval

This Schön! online editorial about optical delusions was photographed by Petros Kouiouris, styled and art directed by Altorrin together with Odie Shenish. The daring photo series feature Nym Blue and Sarah Mccall in looks by Gucci, Vex Latex, Pavlina Jauss and others, with make up by Ricardo Delgado, hair by Chika Nishiyama and nails by Stephanie Hernandez. The sets of the shoot were designed by Adrienne Egolum.

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