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The Balance of Lina Makoul

Service: Art Direction, Photography, Article, Styling & Production 

What’s the deal: Fashion story for As Promised Magazine’s 6th edition

“Makoul’s work blurs the lines of the classic definition of a musician. As she shared her story with me, I couldn’t help but notice that Lina herself, similar to the olive tree, is resilient and vigorous. You can tell that she has faced countless barriers. But she wears her scars with grace - like thousand-year-old bark. The small details make you treasure the broader picture. I believe we admire the one time-reality star for her courage to chase her dreams in a way most of us are afraid to. Still sweeping us away with her charm and modesty, she sets the rules to her own game. The question remains, who’s going to play next?”


Link to Article


Oddd Creatives Production for As Promised Magazine

Photography Sama Haddad

Art Direction Sama Haddad, Oddd Creatives

Styling Odie Senesh, Oddd Creatives

Fashion Design Shadi Abed, Aiman Daw, George Nasser

Makeup Hany Ardat

Hair Daniel Salon


Special thanks to Shadi Hayek, Areen Khoury, Layal Kharouba, Ziad Abu Khadra, Muna Mattar, Adi Mansour, Basheer Sabbah & Waed Saleh

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