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Coco Rocha

Service: Art Direction
What’s the deal: 

Stylist and creative director Altorrin together with the art director Odie Senesh teamed up on a new, avant-garde editorial with model Coco Rocha where all the clothes are digital. The designers and 3D artists sourced for this project, from Threeasfour to Cooltrede, are known for their innovative works when it comes to this format. More here

Photography: Petros Kouiouris

Creative Direction and Styling: Altorrin

Art Direction: Odie Senesh

Talent: Coco Rocha

Hair: Cassie Carey

Makeup: Laurel Charleston

Nails: Stephanie Hernandez

Production: Oddd Creatives

1st Photo Assistant: Lei Alvarez

2nd Photo Assistant: Vasilios Smaragdas

Styling Assistiants: Roderick Reyes, Yan Shabazz

Hair Assistant: Julia DiLauro

Makeup Assistant: Sterling Tull

3D Director: Peter Favinger

3D Digital Consultants: Brit Shaked, Derhi Roei

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